Why Lend on Crendly?


Build an alternative source of income with Crendly. Either you want to be a big time lender or seasonally, you can decide your profit.


Are you looking to lend to friends and family? Let Crendly handle the uncomfortable task of reminding them about repayment.


Crendly helps you build communities and invest in dreams through loans that foster financial growth in our society.

Market Opportunity

There is a high demand for credit in Nigeria, and we are providing a platform to help you take advantage of this expanding credit market. Our tools give you a competitive edge in establishing a successful lending structure and securing your share of the market.


Lend & Earn

With Crendly, you can make lending a business or simply an act of service. The choice is yours. Our proprietary algorithm is designed to match you with quality borrowers who have been thoroughly vetted through our data driven social KYC process. This ensures that you have the full control over your lending activity and can make informed decisions about your on your loan portfolio.

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Get familiar with 'Lending' Terms

Loan Portfolio

A collection of loans that you want to lend out to borrowers.


Crendly wallet is where your funds are stored securely. It is linked with your bank account upon account setup.


This is a summary of the lender's activities of Crendly, It can help you track the loans disbursed and the pending loan payments.

Interest Rate

An amount a lender charges the borrower. It comes as a percentage of the amount loaned

Loan Principal

A principal is the amount of money a lender gives without an interest attached to it.


This is what the borrower pays back to the lender. It's an addition of the Principal and Interest.


This is how long the loan is fully paid back. Daily, weekly, monthly or one-offs

Credit Score

This is a score given to borrowers. It represents the borrower's credit risk. It is derived from their financial and psychoanalytic reference.

Reputation Score

This is calculated on your performance as a lender. It is derived from a variety of your usage.

Loan Offer

This is what represents the contract between a lender and a borrower. It carries all the information about the loan.

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