Empowering Financial Inclusion with  AI-Powered Character-based Solution

Crendly is revolutionizing the future of lending with its proprietary predictive data that reveals a deeper understanding of borrowers.

What we offer

Crendly leverages cutting-edge technologies to broaden credit access in developing economies, going beyond conventional methods with our human character-based lending. Our solutions, Crendly-Marketplace and Crendly-Check, promote financial inclusion and economic empowerment, benefiting communities at large.

Our Products

Unlocking Financial Inclusion with  Crendly Score

Crendly Check empowers financial institutions with a deeper understanding of borrowers' potential, who often have limited or no credit history. This advanced SaaS tool transcends traditional credit assessments by reducing risk for institutions, expanding the pool of credit worthy borrowers, and fosters healthy portfolio.

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A peer-to-peer lending platform, Crendly Marketplace, utilizes our proprietary credit decisioning technology to connect borrowers with lenders. This fosters financial inclusion by empowering individuals to achieve their financial aspirations, with every transaction fueled by our engineered character-based lending solution.

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How Crendly is Unlocking Opportunities for All

Reduce Risk

Reduce non-performing loan and build stronger portfolio health with richer insights from Crendly for a more accurate risk analysis.

Unlock Creditworthy Borrowers

Increase loan origination opportunities and expand your potential customers using Crendly's character-based assessment to screen previously underserved populace.

Embrace Financial Innovation

Unlock new opportunities with Crendly Check to break all biases, move beyond risk-based pricing and unreliable credit data to drive financial and economic inclusion.

Make a Difference, earn competitive Returns

Earn competitive returns on your funds while contributing to the financial empowerment of others.

Borrow on your Terms

Request and Negotiate loans tailored to your preference. Access funds at low interest rates with flexible repayment options that cater to your financial situation.

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